The Most Preferred Distribution And Services Partner In The Indian IT And Telecom Industry.

The Indian IT and Telecom Industry's Most Trusted Distributor and Services Provider. IT and telecom distribution and services intermediary Supertron is a significant player in India's IT and telecom distribution and services market. Supertron's countrywide network serves more than 9000 retail locations throughout the country, providing dependable 24-hour logistics, safe storage, and a reputation for ethical business practices forged over many years and across many industries. Traditional retail, modern commerce, or the online market may all benefit from this unmatched network and support system. Over the years, it has collaborated with some of the most well-known IT product manufacturers globally, enabling it to provide some of the most cutting-edge technology on the market. As a result, Supertron was one of the essential Indian businesses that contributed to democratizing access to modern consumer-focused IT items and technology. Promoting the development of India.

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Trying to take a step in the Indian IT market? Supertron can be your initial touchpoint. With an extensive hold on the distribution of IT products in the Indian market, Supertron can change the entire distribution dynamics of your company.


Supertron is one of India's biggest IT Hardware & Telecom distribution and services intermediaries, offering everything from servers to laptops, components to accessories.

More than 9000 retail locations throughout the country make Supertron an extensive distribution network.

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Established in 1993, Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd [SEPL], is one of the premium IT distributors in India and has the strong foothold entire pan India region with professional team under visionary leadership.

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Leveraging The Power Of Partnerships

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Supertron's lengthy history in the Indian market, is the biggest strength, allowing businesses to make well-informed decisions about product selection, price, and distribution.



Supertron Foundation Has Spread Its Wings To The Various Underprivileged Sections.

Supertron aspires to contribute to society and the community in which it operates by offering goods and services and by conducting business in a way that helps those who are less fortunate by undertaking CSR programs that are in accordance with its goal. The main objective of the policy is to specify and lay out the underlying values and overall course of action for the organization to follow in order to carry out and fulfil its obligations to the community and the environment.

  • Health
  • Disability
  • Education
  • Skill Development Program
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Channel Partner

Supertron's massive network of channel partners has been crucial in growing the company's product offering, which has attracted new customers and increased the company's bottom line. Channel partners increased from 4,251 in 2014-2015 to 12,212 in 2020-21 for the Company.

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Align Partners

Attractive marketing, including promotional programs and roadshows, helped Supertron speed up adoption. The organization has set up shop in secondary and tertiary centers in India. After reaching a certain number, the company promoted its satellite offices, staffed by property managers, to branch status.

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