Vishnu Kumar Bhandari

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. V. K. Bhandari, the company’s Founder Chairman, and Managing Director have been the driving force behind Supertron’s phenomenal success and expansion. His visionary leadership, the company has carved out an impressive niche for itself in the Indian IT distribution and services market

Vibhor Agarwal


Chief Executing Officer, Mr. Agarwal has overall responsibility for the company’s retail operations. With his energetic leadership, the network’s reach and brand portfolio have grown. As a result, Supertron has gone from being a regional brand to one of the country’s most prominent players.

Vipul Bhandari

Business Development Manager

Business Manager, Mr. Vipul Bhandari’s main responsibility is to expand the business and reach out to create business relations with new clients. Supertron is a national brand now, so keeping overall control of business development is very important.

Nirmal Kumar Meharia

Director - Finance & Operations

He is taking care of all financial, accounting, and administrative matters for the whole Supertron group as Director-Finance & Operations. In addition, he has had a significant impact on the group’s business plan and strategy. Mr. Meharia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, supported by a solid track record spanning more than three decades.

Raju Chandak

Company Secretary

As a member of Supertron’s management team, Raju Chandak is responsible for the company’s finances and legal matters. Accountancy, taxation, and finance are all strong suits for Mr. Chandak, who has over a decade of expertise in these disciplines. Throughout his career, he has worked on several projects on his own in the areas of costing, finance, and related areas. He has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Company Secretaries since 2000 as an associate member.