Who are we

In today's socially conscious environment, every industry must deliver towards society and the people that makes it. Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd has covered quite a distance in making a positive contribution in the lives of thousands of people. Established in the year 1993, SEPL has become one of the leading Indian companies in IT product distribution and services with an ISO 9901:2008 quality certification. with its unfaltering loyalty, passion, and seamless teamwork the company has reached its zenith with an INR 4560 crores turnover. The labor of this hard work bore fruits in the form of national distribution rights of global brands like Seagate, Dell, Lenovo, and AMD among other 36 MNCs. The man whose determination and undying zeal led to such a development is none other than Mr. V.K. Bhandari. He is not only a business titan but also a very compassionate & benevolent human being. He has always been very sensitive and attentive to the needs of the less fortunate. From his early life, Mr. V.K. Bhandari was involved with philanthropic activities like feeding the poor and providing education, and other basic needs of them. He has always been very thoughtful towards these group of people. In the year 2016, Mr. Bhandari took a sensible decision to professionalize his CSR activities with a focused approach & evolved infrastructure known to be Supertron Foundation. The Foundation acts as an independent CSR wing to bring sustainable growth across communities. It also lays down the basic principles and the general framework of action for the company to undertake and fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility.
Supertron Foundation has spread its wings to the various sections of the underprivileged comprising areas of health, disability, education and others.

What we do

Supertron Foundation has spread its wings to the various sections of the underprivileged comprising areas of health, disability, education and others.
With health care sector advancing at a rapid pace, its rising expenditure has made it difficult for many to bear the brunt of it. Here the Supertron Foundation has extended its support to organizations like "We Can Cancer Cannot", a cancer awareness society working closely with 'Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre' with some medical facilities like physiotherapy conducted by experts.
Disability is not an unfortunate incident but a special condition and our foundation respects it. "Cheshire Home" is not only their shelter home but also trains them to stand on their own feet and prove to society that they are no less. Supertron has been providing them with computers and other projects to care of them. Supertron Foundation also extends its unconditional support towards "Premasree" a home for visually impaired children. This doesn't stop here, the foundation also takes care of a number of old age homes with both emotional and social support. The foundation believes that all these people are an important part of the community and they should always feel loved and included.
Education is that factor which decides the future of our nation. But being a country with a huge population that mostly lives below the poverty line; there are hundreds of them who have dropped out due to social and financial problems. Getting to eat a day's meal is their aim, whereas using the computer is a farfetched dream for them. Supertron Foundation has worked to make their dream come true. Our objective is to bring back those children to school and encourage them to build  a better future. So, we have installed computers, projectors, speakers as a mode to make the classrooms a more colorful and interesting place. Supertron Foundation has derived the idea of their Computer Empowerment Centre in and around different places in Kolkata. These children are often shown motivational videos and inspiring movies with aim to stir their inner potential to achieve great things in life. These initiatives have brought colors in the way they are responding and making progress.
Any kind of vocational excellence requires proper training and honing of the existing skills in a person. But it's easier said than done especially for those who strive to struggle everyday for equal opportunities. There are hundreds of them who deserve that chance but just waiting for the right training. Keeping that in mind, Supertron  Foundation is associated  with Art of Living, an NGO founded by  Sri Sri Ravishankar  and also with its  trust , Sri Sri Rural Development Program  Trust (SSRDP)  for skill development. Recently SSRDP and Supertron Foundation jointly set up a Computer training centre, Mobile repair training center along with a Knowledge centre for underprivileged youth at Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore. The initiative is aimed to provide holistic training of skill and personality development which will give opportunities to youth to move into careers of their choice.   Supertron Foundation has also set up computer empowerment centers at three schools in the suburbs of Bangalore city  with the support of Art of Living  to help the rural youth in their education. Foundation is closely associated with Behala Annwesha- the Quest work for specially-abled children and provides them several vocational pieces of training to make them self-reliant and achieve something like any other children of their age. They have also put up dance performances at various places and have always won hearts with their innocence and diligence. Their goal is to extend hope and assurance even to the parents that their children are not a burden and can be a reason for happiness if given proper love, guidance, and patience. Supertron Foundation has been a close chaperone of both these organizations & have provided unconditional support in all their initiatives



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